Thursday, November 16, 2006

Accent Lighting

Lighting has brought only benefits into our lives from its very first invention. Proper lighting can emphasize and bring to life almost anything you want. Dim lighting can turn the mood romantic in an instant. Night lights can be a life saver for our children who may not have a sound sleep in total darkness.

It’s easy to see that lighting can dramatically change the ambiance of virtually any space. Depending on what you have in mind, accent lighting can work wonders almost instantly; from show rooms that use this type of lighting to bring out the items they want to be noticed most to homes who use the same accent lighting to highlight special features.

I’ve worked hard to create a beautiful and serene landscape design around my home. Not wanting it to be lost in the darkness each evening, I had accent lighting installed that instantly comes on when dusk appears. I also love to use the same accent lighting during any celebrations or holidays to decorate and bring out the spirit of the season. Think red and green bulbs for December and a spooky orange for Halloween.

Not just for the homeowner, department stores and other commercial spaces use focused lighting to showcase a sale item or a new arrival. One of the best ways to spend a fall evening is to go window shopping and see the mannequins all decked out in their fall attire. With the accent lighting cutting through the darkness on the street, it makes you want to run inside and try those outfits on!

Another great place to use special lights is in the bathroom over the mirror. All women will agree with me on this one as accent lighting is a treasure when we’re applying make-up and trying to cover those pesky crow’s feet. How many times have you walked out of the bathroom with too much foundation, blush or eye shadow just because the lighting in the bathroom is not good enough? With proper accent lighting over the mirror focused on your face that will never happen again.

The greatest advantage to using them is that they don’t need a lot of energy and that in turn means you don’t have to spend a great deal to get the effect desired. Lately, I have noticed that it is much more elegant and intimate to use accent lighting in a room or space than the use of chandeliers; they are modern yet sophisticated and classy at the same time.

Before you decide to change your home or office visit some of the online stores which advertise and specialize in accent lighting; they will help you see and install where the lights will have most effect. Try it today and enjoy the numerous advantages of this magnificent invention.

5 Inch Heel

Getting my high heeled shoes was kind of a rite of passage for me. You see, I grew up as sort of a tomboy. I hated dressing up. I would much rather be out back, climbing trees with the boys or playing football. Going to church was the worst. I hated all those fancy dresses and skirts. That is why I would not even look at high heel shoes. That is, until my older sister made me try on her 5 inch heels.

If you have never worn a 5 inch heel shoe before, there's just no way for you to imagine what it is like. You are towering up on a tiny spike, perilously suspended above the ground. This may seem to be an exaggeration to you, but this is exactly how it feels. The first time I put on that 5 inch heel shoe, I fell over almost immediately. It is not like I wanted to wear it anyway, and trying it out was such a hassle.

My sister actually made me put on the 5 inch heel shoe when she was babysitting me. She literally held me down and would not let me get up until I promised to try on the shoe. It was humiliating, and I hated it at first. After a while, however, it started to grow on me. I liked the challenge of walking around the house in a 5 inch heel. I liked the way it made me shake my hips while I walked. Although I still felt like a tomboy, I was getting to the age where I liked attention from the boys, and wearing a 5 inch heel would give me just that.

Of course I was never allowed to wear the 5 inch heels again. Once my sister found out that I liked it, she kept the 5 inch stiletto shoes away from me. Nonetheless, I did get to wear prettier shoes from then on. My mom was thrilled to see that I was getting more into girls shoes and girls fashion, and was willing to indulge me with a few trips to get new clothes. It was really a lot of fun, and it actually made me feel freer. You see, I could still dress up like a boy when I wanted to, but I also got to dress up like a girl. And as soon as I got old enough, I bought a 5 inch heel of my very own.